Fitness Story

Just workout.

My fitness journey, much like my modelling one, began with an interest and curiosity. For fitness, I was only thinking to what end it would be if I maintain good health; then the interest went along pushing myself in order to achieve a healthy weight balance as well as being able to always carry my own weight – when I run or power-walk without hyper-breathing.

While going on with this routine of workouts and being fit, I’ve met a lot of individuals who may one way or the other tap into same mindset or engage in same workout routines. However, some of them even haven claimed to have been in a fitness program some time past, find themselves lost, bored, or find themselves not achieving their respective fitness goals as fast enough ( in their respective opinions). I could offer to provide value to such individuals by sharing some brief helpful suggestions:

  • Start with simple goal setting

Take those 10 – 15  minutes walk every day for a week, and after you feel comfortable with yourself, extend it to 20 – 30 minutes etc. What that does is to embed such activity as a routine in your system and before long, you’d catch yourself not being comfortable when you haven’t taken that walk. It becomes part of your daily routine.

  • Just have fun

Perspective is a game-changer! Take a look at the activities you have interest in as fun: dancing, lifting weights, kickboxing, yoga, soccer, basketball or other high-intensity interval training. Try joining a community-based activity or league for the aforementioned. If you prefer workout at home, look online for videos or reach out to me for help.

  •  Find friends, neighbors with similar fitness interest

One falacy we all have is to think we are alone in certain situations. I’ll tell you with certainty that, there are other friends or neighbor in your commnuity with same fitness goals. Invite that friend, co-worker, partner or loved ones to workout with you. You could even take the course to set up a fitness group or club in your community. Change starts with you 🙂 .

  • Flexibility and Self reward

Some times we get soo busy with other important items and may not have the time for active workout. That’s okay. Rest up and give yourself a break or two. However, when you exercise or get to engage in an active workout session, feel good about it and reward yourself with either a pat at the back (internally) or treat yourself (externally) by buying a workout glove, running shoes or anything nice. But ensure such gifts further helps you with a better fitness activity engagement. 


Diet Plan

The efficacy of a healthy diet is directly proportional to one’s well-being and fitness.  Although lots of research have been published to this end, I’d add to it that you make sure to understand your body and its metabolism as this simple system of understanding keeps me firm in knowing what and when to eat.

Being skinny never appealed to me neither being obese, so I had to find a balance of a healthy body and while I kept experimenting (which I still am 🙂 ) I observe nothing beats good food containing essential nutrition. Although somedays my eating habits could be bad… lol… but since I understand my body (which I recommend you go understand how your body burns food), I get to compensate for those habits with good food.

Tips: Make friendship with nutrition facts labels.

Rest after workout

Do I rest after every workout? Yes.

Do I feel like I need to have exhausted all my energy to have had a good workout? NO’bsolutely. 

If in doubt about the importance of rest and why I love to rest after several sessions of workout, look at it this way:

I know my body has a readjusting base level of fitness, so does yours. So after training I allow my body to recover and go into this “supercompensation” state – which is a post-training period where my body has a better performance capacity than it did prior to previous training period. And how did I find this about myself? I experimented and tried it when I observed my body strength at a time… I’m almost tempted to say this has been a DIY experiment as I keep finding new things about how my body reacts to rest. 

My 2 cents to you would be, take that rest and come thank me later 😉

Body Builder

Fitness Story

Personal Training

A lots of research papers have been published with emphasizing the effectiveness of personal training on changing one’s attitude towards physical activities.

I remember when I was a kid and we had this subject called P.E (physical education), I’d confess that that was my best subject aside from maths and quantitative reasoning 😉 haha. We always had a coach and someone to show us how to play certain sports and it was fun. My take away from that, was to ensure we had knowledge of what we were doing and not to get hurt ‘unnecessarily’.

Having personal trainer aid you with effective exercise programs could help you reach your fitness goals faster.


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I am here to answer.

You’d need to ask yourself what your goal is. After you answer that, contact me. 🙂

Too much that you’re not to tired and too little that you’ve had a good sweat 🙂 .

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